Everything You Wanted To Know About Quaaludes But Were Too Comatose To Ask


Before Bill Cosby admitted to drugging women with quaaludes and allergy meds, quaaludes were a staple of the American recreational drug scene, one that “everyone remembers fondly.” It’s even been called an “icon of the 1970s,” before it was discontinued in 1985—in part because of its widespread illegal recreational use. In the October, 1980 issue of High Times, we featured quaaludes as a centerfold and discussed why they were called everything from a dangerous downer to an aphrodisiac.

Q. Are Quaaludes (methaqualone) really the ultimate love drug?

A. Different strokes for different folks, really. A lot of people do ‘ludes to get high, lower their inhibitions and go to town. A lot of other people use grass, booze and fast cars for the same thing. Since lots of people expect to get horny behind ‘ludes, more often than not they do. But there are always some people who use the Quaalude euphoria as an excuse to act out pent-up hostilities or self-pity and…


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