Flashback Friday: Drugs In The Bible


From the December, 1982 issue of High Times comes a positively unholy investigation from Dean Latimer.

The very clean young man stepped directly in front of my bicycle at the stoplight and smiled as though he had known me since nursery school: “How are you feeling today?”

“Cold. Wet. Very, very sleepy.”

“Have you thought about Jesus today?”

“I’m not your market,” I told him, adding the line that never fails to send them off to their paternosters or ritual murders or whatever: “I do dope.”

“Hey, that’s wonderful!” he exclaimed. “Jesus took drugs. Drugs are all through the New Testament. He said you shall have joy with your minds and bodies, and that’s what it means. Jesus was a revolutionary, you know. He wanted to turn everyone’s heads inside out, any way possible. Once you realize that, you start seeing everything in a different—”

“Police!” I bawled, looking around desperately. “This guy’s trying to sell…


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