Flashback Friday: Nightmares • High Times


Ward Damio uncovers the truth behind nightmares in this April, 1982 feature from High Times magazine, followed by a sidebar titled “From Freud to Flagella,” written by Dean Latimer.

The figure of the sleeper ceased all movement. An absolute and total stillness descended upon the room and the sleeper alike. The sleeper found that still unexplained twilight world of flickering images that fill the mysterious arena that we know as dreams and nightmares…

Suddenly the forest is no longer beautiful. The day seems to darken and an ominous brooding hangs in the air. The woman quickens her pace down the narrow trail. Loud noises crash through the underbrush, looming huge and menacing. Panicked, she runs headlong, on and on, gasping, legs leaden. For miles and miles. The sounds seem to grow nearer and nearer. Suddenly the trail drops out from under her feet and she falls, endlessly falling… until she hits bottom. The woman stands, shaken, bruised. Suddenly it stands over…


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