Flashback Friday: Occult Politics in America


For America’s bicentennial in July, 1976, High Times published Glenn O’Brien’s feature about Masons and America. 44 years later, on the eve of this year’s Fourth of July, we’re republishing it below.

“there is no eye—there is only a series of mouths—long live the mouths—your rooftop—if you don’t already know—has been demolished…eye plasma & you are right about that too—you are lucky—you don’t have to think about such things as eyes & rooftops & Quasimodo.”
—Bob Dylan, liner notes, Highway 61 Revisited

On Sunset Boulevard, midway between Schwab’s Drugstore and Beverly Hills, there is a drive-in organic sidewalk café called The Source. The neon that makes this “The Strip” is invisible till the sun goes down, and nobody walks in L.A., so just about the only sign of life on Sunset, outside the hermetically sealed stream of cars tuned to various radio stations, is The Source. Tan blondes in halter tops lounge in the sun….


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