Flashback Friday: Skull And Bones


Is George W. Bush connected to the most dangerous society in America? Could Yale alumni be the real power behind the “Secret Government”? In this January, 2000 High Times story, R.A. Kris Millegan tries to find out if the secret police really controls the planet.

“These secret societies are behind it all,” my father told me many years ago. During the early ’50s he was a CIA branch chief, head of the East Asia intelligence analysis office. “The Vietnam War,” he said soberly, “is about drugs.” Many years later I finally had some understanding of what Dad was talking about. I wish I had asked more questions. Like, was he was talking about the Order of Skull and Bones?

It’s a symbol used by pirates and poisons, but it’s also a “fraternity’’ at Yale University. College kids having fun? Not quite.

Fifteen juniors are tapped on a Thursday in May each year. Around 2,500 have been members, mostly white males from wealthy Northeastern families:…


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