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Steve Bloom interviews Frances McDormand for the May, 2003 issue of High Times. In honor of McDormand’s birthday June 23, we’re republishing it below.

“Crank it!” Frances McDormand demands. She’s posing for photos as Jimi Hendrix’s “Foxy Lady” blasts out of the studio’s speakers. She motions to increase the volume. Instead, it gets quieter. “Crank it!” she yells.

“Woody Harrelson has a political agenda,” McDormand says. “I’m here because I think it’s a lot of fun!”

McDormand is fairly mild-mannered when she’s not acting like a rock star. “The last big concert I went to was U2 in L.A.,” she says, rocking to the Hendrix beat. “I got to meet Bono and the Edge after the show. It was just fabulous.”

Frances McDormand and Bono—who would’ve thunk it? Though she’s played a number of oddball characters over the years—from Marge Gunderson, the homespun cop in Fargo, for which she won the 1996 Academy Award, to the…


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