From Mormon To Marijuana: Thanking God For My Weed


It was an odd situation, moving to the heart of Utah valley at the age of twelve so that my Mom could be with her new girlfriend. We’d already moved around six times, but this was different. We were suddenly surrounded by Mormons who apparently didn’t agree with the idea of women being together. So it surprised me everyday that when I came home from school with an invitation to go somewhere, my stepmother even let me. She grew up Mormon, already having experienced the grief and backlash for natural human desires such as her own. I imagine she encouraged my baptism to get me out of the house, already having expressed her displeasure for taking on a second child. 

I was thankful to have concluded that the church wasn’t for me before I became an adult. When I left my abusive home, it became my personal mission to live a bright, creative life. Full of hope and happiness; free from negative influences. All based on my personal values, but these values were more difficult to…


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