Gina Brillion Knows How To Make You Listen Through Comedy


Rain pelts my car windshield as I navigate through Friday night traffic in Los Angeles. I call Gina and tell her I’m running 10 minutes late but she’s calm and unfazed. “Take your time bruh, no rush. I’m already massively high.” And for a good reason: She’s about to embark on a monster three-month tour with Gabriel Iglesias.

When I finally arrive at Gracias Madre, a hip, plant-based restaurant in West Hollywood, Gina is all smiles. Our table is situated toward the middle of the outdoor patio and our casual sweatshirts stand out amongst the bougie birthday parties and tinder dates taking place in the immediate periphery. We first fall victim to chips and guac but are then able to enjoy some flautas, have a deep conversation about the purpose of comedy, and explore how cannabis helps with cluster headaches.

Given the legalization and medical advancements in the cannabis space, why do you think some people’s perceptions of pot still haven’t changed?

My husband…


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