Governors, Graded on Weed


As public support for marijuana reform continues to grow, more governors seem to be taking notice and adopting pro-legalization platforms, according to a gubernatorial scorecard released by the advocacy group NORML on Wednesday.

That said, while recent polling shows majority support for legalization among both Democratic and Republican voters, the issue remains deeply partisan at the gubernatorial level.

NORML’s annual scorecard grades governors based on comments they’ve made about cannabis issues as well as their policy records. The group identified several key takeaways from this year’s report, such as an increased number of top state officials who received a passing grade of “C” or higher.

Here are some highlights from the scorecard: 

  • Thirty-two governors (22 Democrats, 10 Republicans) earned a “C” or higher, compared to 27 governors last year.
  • Only nine governors received an “A,” all of whom are Democrats.
  • Twelve governors (11 Democrats, 1 Republican)…


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