Grow Op Leader Became the Voice of Independent Wrestling


The worlds of marijuana, pro wrestling, and politics have had their overlaps at times, but rarely have they all converged in one place for prolonged periods. That is until you meet Mark Adam Haggerty

“I love to smoke and I love to watch wrestling. They were always two [constants]. They were two things that I never thought I would be able to make a living at doing, which is really interesting,” he explained.

The California-raised, New Jersey-living, mustachioed, stylish, and suited 32-year-old is the ring announcer and occasional performer for a growing number of independent wrestling promotions across the country. To date, he’s worked with 60 different promotions in 18 states and three different countries. 

Before entering the ring, Haggerty was part of California’s medical marijuana community. As a young adult in the early 2010s, Haggerty was living with a girlfriend and making ends meet with fresh-out-of-college type jobs. His girlfriend connected Mark with…


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