Guide to Staying In and Social Distancing


As the nation tries to contain the coronavirus (COVID-19), you’ve likely found yourself in a state of isolation. Working from home, staying in, and avoiding large crowds have become the status quo for the foreseeable future. So what does this all mean for those of who use cannabis? How can you avoid transmitting the virus, and what should you do if you become so bored that watching paint dry sounds like top-notch entertainment?

Learn about what it means to isolate, stop the spread of germs, and follow our guide to making the most out of social distancing to break up the blasé days to come.

What do quarantine and social distancing mean?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), if you have an elderly loved one or know someone who is immunocompromised, it’s in your (and everyone else’s) best interest to practice social distancing. We must gather as a community and protect our most vulnerable from the coronavirus, which has an…


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