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Esteemed producer Mike Rosenstein admits he’s wearing his High Times shirt when we connect by phone with his creative counterpart, Donick Cary, writer/director of the upcoming psychedelic documentary “Have A Good Trip: Adventures in Psychedelics,” which premiered May 11th on Netflix. The project had been in the making for over a decade and is now a widely anticipated look into the world of psychedelics, their benefits, and the trials and tribulations of what happens during a “trip.” Both Mike and Donick are eager to chat and shed a bit more insight into the creation of their mind bending movie.

How did this project initially come together?

Donick Cary: Eleven summers ago, I was at the Nantucket Film Festival and was talking to Ben Stiller and Fisher Stevens, and we ended up talking about psychedelic experiences and sharing stories. I thought, “What a wonderfully funny, weird conversation,” which at the time, was very taboo. No one really ever talked about…


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