High Times Greats: A Christmas Story


For an article in the December, 1979 edition of High Times, late, great counterculture correspondent Glenn O’Brien examined the connections between Santa Claus and a specific kind of psychedelic mushroom known as the fly agaric, aka the toadstool that conquered the universe. In fact, the existence of Santa could be related to a shaman in Lapland who ate Amanita muscaria. Even the government supports the compelling association between Santa and the fly agaric. Was Santa a mushroom eater?

This year, as usual, you’re going to get a lot of reminders on the subject of the Real Meaning of Christmas. And, as usual, these reminders will just be reminders. They will say, “And don’t forget the Real Meaning of Christmas.” They won’t remind you what the Real Meaning is, they’ll just remind you to remember it. They will assume that you know what it is. And you do, don’t you?

The Real Meaning of Christmas goes something like this: Christmas is not just a time for…


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