High Times Greats: Bebe Buell


Mother of Liv Tyler and former lover of Steven Tyler, Todd Rundgren and Elvis Costello, Bebe Buell celebrates her 67th birthday on July 14. Read her interview with Victor Bockris from the May, 2002 issue of High Times.

High Times: I want to start by asking about the periods the book Rebel Heart covers, specifically New York and London in the ’70s and ’80s. The press is describing the scenes you inhabited as a “vanished world.” What’s your reaction is to that?

Bebe Buell: I think it’s a vanished world in the sense that there was a spontaneity and innocence in people’s behavior then, and people weren’t quite as educated about the effects of anything yet. Nobody really knew for sure if drugs were bad or good, or if rock ’n’ roll really was going to keep you young forever, or if we really did have to plan for our futures. It was a really, really different time. Now people are much more business-oriented, much more geared to having their futures plotted…


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