High Times Greats: Buckminster Fuller


For the May, 1981 issue of High Times, Robert Anton Wilson interviewed designer, author, and inventor, R. Buckminster Fuller (1895-1985). On the occasion of Bucky’s birthday July 12, we’re republishing the interview below.

“Bucky Fuller’s state of being is an historical event,” Barbara Marx Hubbard, co-founder of the Committee for the Future, wrote. “His life marks the transition in human awareness from unconscious to conscious participation in designing our own futures.”

Such hyperbole is normal in discussing the astonishing career of Richard Buckminster Fuller. He would be simply the most successful and influential architect in all history (with 200,000 of his buildings now standing) if he were not also 10 or 12 other men living in the same body: poet, mathematician, social scientist, educational theorist, computer expert, endless source of innovation.

He has invented, among other things, a bathroom that operates mostly on compressed air, uses minimum…


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