High Times Greats: Debbie Harry


From the November, 1996 issue of High Times comes an interview between Debbie Harry and Victor Bockris, followed by a sidebar featuring a 1980 conversation between Bockris, Harry and Chris Stein. On the occasion of Ms. Harry’s birthday July 1, we’re republishing it here.

I met Debbie Harry in 1977, and experienced a good deal of her success with Blondie firsthand through 1978-1982. During this time, we wrote the text for Making Tracks: The Rise of Blondie, a book of photographs by Chris Stein, Debbie’s live-in collaborator on Blondie. They wrote the band’s hits together. After Blondie’s break up in 1982 (under sad circumstances caused largely by a mysterious illness that struck Stein down), I kept in touch with Debbie sporadically. I approached her to do the High Times interview with some delight, since she was just reaching a peak in her solo career thanks to the movie Heavy, in which she starred opposite Liv Tyler, and Individually Twisted, her record with the…


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