High Times Greats: Jesse Ventura


From the November, 1998 edition of High Times comes Dan Skye’s one-on-one with Jesse Ventura, who celebrates his 69th birthday on July 15.

High Times: How did you make the transition from wrestling to politics?

Jesse Ventura: I lived in Brooklyn Park, MN. I sent my kids to public school and paid taxes. We had a little wetland in the neighborhood and we lived in an old part of Brooklyn Park where we all had ditches. Houses had been there for fifty, sixty years and the city wanted to come in and give us curb and gutter, storm drainage—all that stuff—but we as a neighborhood felt that money could be spent in a better way. Why spend money if no one’s complaining and no one has a problem? Yet they were going to do it and reassess all of our properties. Well, when you build a storm sewer, the water has to go somewhere. There was a little wetland that bordered on a neighborhood park, about a block from the Riverview grade school. They were going to pump the storm water…


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