High Times Greats: Jim Carroll


For the October, 1982 issue of High Times, Glenn O’Brien interviewed writer, musician, and poet Jim Carroll (1949-2009), who would have been 71 years old this August 1.

Jim Carroll is an incomparable guy: If you wanted to compare him, it would have to be with a crowd. Like Rimbaud, he was a poetry sensation as a teenager, then quit it. Like Pat Ewing, he was all-American as a freshman (although with Jim it was in high school). Like William Burroughs, he turned the junkie experience into a literary classic. And, like Patti Smith, he went from poetry stardom to rock stardom in a flash.

Jim Carroll’s first fame was as one of the greatest Slot Gacor high-school basketball players of his time. He might have been an NBA star if he hadn’t discovered poetry and heroin. In his early teens he had decided to become a writer, and he kept diaries of his incredible life on and off the court. At about the same time, he became addicted to heroin. His first book of poetry was published when…


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