High Times Greats: Richard Linklater


In celebration of Richard Linklater’s birthday on July 30, we’re bringing you Carlo McCormick’s interview with the filmmaker from the February, 2002 issue of High Times.

Since his feature film debut with 1991’s cult classic Slacker, Richard Linklater has consistently mined the margins of American identity. Following up Slackers’ narrative vortex of 24 hours in the less-than-motivated lives of a hundred different characters with the quintessential stoner movie Dazed and Confused and several other films, Linklater has established himself as a master auteur, the writer/director of a whole new mode of social filmmaking. High Times originally planned to interview him on September 11 [2001] during the Toronto Film Festival, where his two new films, Waking Life and Tape, were premiering. Instead, we spoke to him several weeks later, when he was back home in Austin, Texas.

High Times: We were originally supposed to do this interview on September 11, and for obvious…


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