High Times Greats: ‘The Decadent Diet’ by Terri Nunn


In this July, 1985 High Times article, Terri Nunn of the band Berlin offers nutritional tips for staying healthy while living the high life. In conjunction with Nunn’s birthday on June 26, we’re republishing it below.

I first became interested in nutrition when a doctor whom I met at my first (and last) visit to a Southern California nudist colony gave me a nutritional remedy for a 15-year foot rash. Sounded simple, yet I had been seeing doctors and specialists and using pills and ointments since I was eight years old—with no results. This worked… PERMANENTLY.

My first experience with vitamins came at 19; my boyfriend asked me to care for myself. He begged me to take one multi-vitamin pill a day. I’d forget or wiggle out of it. One day I noticed how I looked, how many points I’d overlooked to keep from scaring myself.

One vitamin turned into three. I read that progress could be accelerated by changing my diet of Twinkies and milk. My motto was and still is,…


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