High Times Greats: Woody Harrelson


For the November, 2000 issue of High Times, Woody Harrelson told interviewer Dan Skye why the war on cannabis infuriated him. On the occasion of Harrelson’s 59th birthday on July 23, we’re republishing the interview below.

High Times: Four years ago you tried to make a distinction between hemp and marijuana and were reticent about appearing on the cover of High Times. What made you change your mind?

Woody Harrelson: Many of my friends felt that the issues couldn’t be separated, and that it was important to talk about both. I feel now that in some ways they are inseparable, because if we live in a free country they should both be free activities. You should be able to grow whatever plant you want for farming purposes or textiles. And you should be able to grow whatever plant you want for your own medicine. It’s about freedom, personal freedoms. I think it’s an odd thing that in a so-called free country we have so little of that.

Right now you’re still…


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