High Times TV Premieres WILSON’s “Fuck Up My High” Music Video


Ah, Valentine’s Day. The day Hallmark decided to dedicate to love, cards, flowers, and candy. But what about the people who’ve fallen out of love and would rather upchuck at the sight of Instagrammable displays of affection? Never fear: WILSON, a five-piece alt-rock group from Michigan, is unabashedly here for you. And they’ve crafted the most poetic anti-Valentine’s Day song called “Fuck Up My High” to help people transcend the smorgasbord of feelings after getting out of a less than ideal relationship.

High Times caught up with the band to talk to them about the inspiration for the song and video, being a cannabis user in a relationship with an anti-weed person, and how to navigate the troll-ridden world in which we live.

High Times: What inspired the creation of this song? Was there a specific incident? If so, please tell us about it:

Wilson: The song is inspired by a past toxic relationship of mine. Where both figuratively and VERY literally my high was…


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