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Expressing love and affection can be difficult. That’s why gifting presents can be such a profound gesture. And since we’re celebrating the season of love the entire month of February, we crafted this list of our favorite products to help you show your appreciation to the people who make your life magical all year round.

Keeping The Love Alive: High Times Gift Guide
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Courtesy of Binske


If you’re into quality medicated cacao, look no further. Binske uses Peruvian Nacional Cacao, a rare cocoa bean that was heretofore thought to be extinct. Until the early 20th century, Nacional was widely grown in Ecuador and famous worldwide as luxury chocolate. But in 1901, a rampant disease struck Ecuadorian cocoa fields, and the bean became extinct for over 100 years. In 2008, the bean was rediscovered in a hidden mountain valley on the Marañón River in northern Peru. Nacional beans were named the “rarest cacao in the world” by the New York Times. Anthony Bourdain’s iconic show No Reservations covered the cacao…


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