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Rapidly-rising artist Frank Lopes Jr., better known as Hobo Johnson, released his sophomore album today. Titled The Fall of Hobo Johnson, the record is a an interesting follow-up to the first recording, The Rise of Hobo Johnson, pursuing similar musical themes while at the same time moving into new terrain.

As indicated in the album’s titular inversion of the first project, Hobo’s new work opens up broader space for exploration than his previous projects. Specifically, it shuttles between the intimate world of self-doubt, shame, and uncertainty, and broader themes of politics, world conflict, and history. Ultimately, though, it is less a shuttling-between than a candid look at the messy interplay between the political and the personal.

The Energy of Breaking Musical Boundaries

Musically, The Fall of Hobo Johnson continues to revel in the hybridity that has defined his earlier work and for which he has become known.

His vocal delivery ranges from simple sing-song…


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