How a Visual Artist Changed the Music Scene • High Times


If you’ve been to a festival or any major concerts over the past few years, you’ve probably noticed some innovations happening around the stage. Gone are the days of just stationary or moving lights for arena shows – it’s all about LED screens and 3D projections now. In fact, for most major acts, if you’re not consistently elevating your stage setup and performance, you may start to bore even your most die-hard fans. After all, no matter how much you love a band’s song, one can only listen to Africa by Toto SO many times, right?

While this may seem commonplace to some in this day and age, back in the early ’90s the majority of stage setups consisted only of sets of spotlights, with the back wall typically reserved for an oversized display of the headliner’s logo. This may not be unusual now for bar shows and smaller venues, but when your fans are paying sometimes hundreds of dollars to see you perform, you better make sure you’re consistently delivering….


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