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No two cannabis users are alike. From the occasional puff-puff-pass type to the everyday toker, consumption habits are as varied as they are personal. And that’s especially true during the holidays when stress can be at an all-time high. Whether it’s shopping for gifts, RSVPing to parties, travel-planning, hosting family, or any number of items that are likely on your to-do list, the holiday season can be a lot to get through.

And yet, more stress doesn’t necessarily mean more cannabis. While many people do, in fact, increase how much they consume around the holidays, others actually use less. And in some cases, habits remain relatively unaffected. It all comes down to your needs and priorities, which can evolve and shift quite a bit during this hectic season.

What Does the Data Show?

According to a custom Branded Research poll created for this story, nearly one-third of cannabis users expect to increase their consumption during the holidays. Breaking those figures down by…


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