How Smoking Pot Can Turn You Into A Snobby Cinephile


Like most smokers, I love watching stuff while I’m high. There’s something about using the drug that turns whatever happens on a screen—whether that’s some guy cleaning out their aquarium, crushing bowling balls with a hydraulic press or soliloquizing about ancient Japanese woodblock printmaking—into the most unbelievably, irresistibly captivating thing I’ve ever laid my eyes on. 

And that counts double for movies which, unlike random YouTube videos, are constructed in such a way to maintain our attention and interest with laser-focused precision. Of course, everyone prefers a different genre or style depending on their taste. But aren’t there any specific movies whose craft we come to appreciate just a bit more strongly than usual thanks to the way marijuana influences our brain chemistry?

Before I try to answer that question, an important disclaimer may be in order. I am not a scientist and have no medical degree; I am a film critic who read up on pot…


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