How to find the Best Weed Gummies in a Sea of Sameness


If you’ve been to a dispensary lately or perused our edibles listings at all, then you know weed gummies are booming. All of the bright packages and kaleidoscope of flavors could lead you to believe that infused candy possibilities are endless. But as a gummy connoisseur, let me tell you: most weed gummies are virtually indistinguishable. Textures, shapes, and flavors aside, if they contain 10 milligrams of THC distillate per piece, they’re effectively the same.

Why? Distillate is cannabis oil that’s been stripped down to one specific cannabinoid — typically THC or CBD. You can dab it, vaporize it, mix it into topical oils and creams or add it to edibles like gummies. It’s the concentrate of choice for most weed gummy brands because it’s flavorless, potent, consistent, and relatively easy to obtain. 

Distillates in gummies and the one-note effect

With distillate, you can pack a lot of THC or CBD into a gummy without muddying the color or adding a trace of…


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