How To Roll A Cone: A Step-By-Step Guide


Joints are among the most popular ways to partake in a bit of cannabis, and among the most obvious visual signifiers of cannabis use. Once portrayed as a wad of twisted toilet paper, the joint has become a sleek symbol of the modern weed consumer, and their conical cousins are not just a goofy avatar of cannabis past, cone joints are big business.

A joint is considered a cone when the tip is wider than the mouthpiece. This method of rolling is preferential for anyone invested in the aesthetics of smoking, as the cone joint is a counterculture icon. Most crappy joints are as smokeable as a perfect cone, but one “looks” the part while the other is simply utilitarian. 

This is why people sharpen their rolling skills — being able to pull out a beautifully executed cone is membership in the cult of stoner personality. It’s a rebel yell, it sticks out, clearly exclaiming that it is not a cigarette. Here’s how you can craft your own perfect joint.

A step-by-step…


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