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As we officially enter Autumn on September 23rd, we’re led into our shadows, into our subconscious, and deeper into the darkness that the season brings. This is when we give thanks to all the abundance that we’ve cultivated since spring, as well as observe the patterns, habits and attitudes that are serving us; and those that are not. For those of us who have an intimate relationship with cannabis, Fall can help us reassess the way we work with this plant medicine, and act accordingly if our relationship with it isn’t as healthy as it can be.

Cannabis is a miracle worker; whether you’re in it for the anti-inflammatory and healing effects of CBD, or for the creative and psychoactive benefits of THC, this is one plant that packs some potent power. As a daily cannabis user, I have found so many benefits to working with this earth medicine, and the healing effects of this plant. Not only do I like to work with cannabis to help ease my anxiety and stress, but I also enjoy…


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