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In honor of the late President John F. Kennedy’s birthday May 29, we’re bringing you the following conversation between Lesley Morrissey and an unnamed individual who said he was JFK’s weed dealer, first published in the Fall, 1974 issue of High Times.

The man who claimed to know the Kennedys leaned over his pâté and confided to me.

“Before I contacted you, I investigated a bit to see if High Times was legitimate.”

Across his suite, he assayed the departing waitress from room service.

“Yes, we had you checked out, too,” I said. I told him how I’d been making discreet inquiries for a week to determine if he did indeed move in the Kennedy circles and had only then confirmed the interview. We agreed to meet at his suite at the Sherry-Netherland Hotel. I was met by a dapper, politely tanned man in his mid-forties. He greeted me unhurriedly and began what was a fluent, one-sided conversation.

“You see, I feel that what I know about Jack, Bobby,…


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