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Back in the late ’60s, Iggy Pop and his band the Stooges were pioneers of pathology rock. A typical concert would include some songs, a number of vicious fights with the audience and Iggy’s assorted acts of self-mutilation. In I Need More: Weird Tales From the Rock ‘N’ Roll Crucible (written with Anne Wehrer), Iggy recalls those halcyon days of yore; and jabbing the old wounds gets the blood flowing one more time. Originally excerpted in the December, 1982 issue of High Times, we’re republishing the following on the occasion of Iggy’s birthday April 21.

Something about Myself

Maybe I should tell you something about myself. I used to go to high school. By the time I was 20 I had this band of my own, the Stooges. I wanted to be a lead singer, you know, and write songs, you know, and la-di-da.

None of us were real musicians—I had been a good drummer, but that’s not being a singer, right? The rest of them had been in this band they called the Dirty Shames….


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