Infused Tips, Tricks, and Products for when you have a Cold or Flu


As the cold and flu season rears its ugly head, ingesting harsh cannabis smoke can be far from anyone’s to-do list. But if you’re suffering from intense symptoms, or rely on medical weed to reduce other pains and ailments occurring in your day to day life, giving up cannabis to recover from a cold can be a unpleasant decision.

Well, you’re in luck: cannabis legalization and the explosion of the market have created a lucrative field in which multiple products and methods of consumption have thrived — sans smoke.  

Keep your joints and loose flower tucked away for a rainy day, and check our tips and tricks to getting through the cold or flu without giving up the elevation.

Sanitize Yourself and Avoid Sharing With Friends

CBD Cure – Antiseptic Hand Sanitizer

First things first: if you’re feeling that little tingling in the back of your throat, avoid friends and loved ones at all costs. We know it sounds obvious, but we have to say it. Wash your…


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