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Camille Paglia voiced her support for drug legalization and tried to make sense out of the 1960s in an interview with Leslie Stackel from the November, 1994 edition of High Times. In honor of Paglia’s 73rd birthday April 2, we’re republishing it below.

Camille Paglia is daring, controversial, an intellectual Uzi on wheels, spewing out ten rounds of thought per millisecond. She’s also undoubtedly today’s most notorious (and loudest) challenger to the politically-correct academic and feminist status quo. Author of the best-selling Sexual Personae and two books of essays (her latest from Vintage is Vamps and Tramps), she burst onto the literary scene in 1990 following publication of Sexual Personae, a kaleidoscopic treatise on sex in art and literature through the ages (praised as “brilliant” and “provocative”), and has since been wittily trashing everyone and everything that hints of deadened dogma or would lead Western civilization down a path of…


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