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Aerosmith’s flamboyant frontman Steven Tyler turns 72 on March 26. We’re celebrating by republishing Jesse Nash’s interview with Tyler, which originally appeared in the November, 1993 edition of High Times.

HT: When did you start to sing?

ST: The day I climbed over my drum set and said, “Fuck this shit!” was with a band called the Strangers. My bass player was singing and I said, “Give me a fucking mike!” That afternoon I bought a boom, stuck a mike on the end of it and proceeded to help him out with the harmonies. That was the first time I ever sang.

HT: Did you have any idea at that point that you could sing?

ST: No. That was part of those doubts, fears and insecurities I was born with as a kid. That was one of those things about pot and drinking, you know, that got you out of those insecurities. When you smoked pot or drank and someone laughed at you and said you sucked, all you did was give them the finger and tell them to fuck off. So that was…


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