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To celebrate Stevie Nicks’ birthday May 26, we’re republishing Liz Derringer’s interview with the rock goddess from the March, 1982 issue of High Times.

“Look, enough with these heavy interviews,” the guys upstairs told us. “Szasz, Anton Wilson, Leary, Turner, Bukowski. Give ’em a break, give ’em some gossamer. Mind candy. Set ’em up for the heavy DEA informant rap next month.”

Okay, we say. We think music. We think lace and Vaseline-soft images. Dollhouses and rainy-day dreams. Witches. We think Stevie Nicks. So we sent Liz Derringer, first lady of rock journalism and a specialist at corralling big names for us. She tracked Stevie down to her penthouse suite at the Plaza Hotel and found the ethereal songstress just dying to talk about her solo career and her number-one album, Bella Donna. They sipped coffee and wine and spoke of many things: of shoes and discs and Fleetwood Macs and cabbages and kings.

High Times: What I’ve gotten out of your…


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