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For the November, 1987 issue of High Times, former Heavy Metal editor Lou Stathis interviewed William Gibson about his emerging science fiction career. In honor of Gibson’s 72nd birthday on March 17, we’re republishing the interview below.

William Gibson is the cyberpunk Manute Bol. Ludicrously tall (maybe six and a half feet), impossibly skinny, and with a spine curved by the brutal ravages of Terran gravity, he cuts not so much a dashing figure as a question mark. Though a lingering drawl betrays his rural Virginia upbringing, he parks himself these days in moist Vancouver, British Columbia, with his almost-as-skinny wife and a couple of papooses. Novel-wise his books include NEUROMANCER, the CITIZEN KANE of cyberpunk, and its sequel, COUNT ZERO, the, uh, MAGNIFICENT AMBERSONS of cyberpunk. His handful of short stories have been collected in BURNING CHROME. Most recently he’s completed a screenplay for ALIEN III, about which he’s been sworn to secrecy by…


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