‘It Happened In The Haight’ By Cookie Mueller • High Times


To celebrate the March 2 birthday of underground icon Dorothy Karen “Cookie” Mueller (1949 – 1989), we’re bringing you her story “It Happened In The Haight,” which appeared in the May, 1986 issue of High Times.

The following story takes place in Haight-Ashbury in 1967. It is a sample day from the period based on my personal experiences. The facts are exactly as I remember them. Nothing is exaggerated.

The golden age of the Haight did not last long. Late in 1968, a new element appeared in the neighborhood. Unlike the high-minded peace-lovers who founded the community, the new arrivals were sub-intelligent, violent, sleazo types who carried guns, stole drugs, and raped girls. Heroin appeared on street corners where there previously used to be free LSD. The street got ugly.

The few hippies who remained decided to form a vigilante squad—their own police force actually—but this didn’t work too well. Eventually the slime took over and the place got…


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