It’s Not Binding, But Wisconsinites Favor Legal Marijuana


Voters in 16 counties across Wisconsin have signaled strong support for marijuana reform, voting in the affirmative on advisory questions asking whether voters approve of various legalization and decriminalization policies.

The advisory questions were non-binding, meaning that they won’t translate into actual policy changes. Rather, the purpose of the questions is to gauge public sentiment, which could help inform future legislation — as seemed to be in the case when Massachusetts went through a similar process in 2014.

Here’s a list that includes the text of each advisory question.

PASSED—Brown County: Should cannabis be legalized in Wisconsin for medicinal purposes, and regulated in the same manner as other prescription drugs?

PASSED—Clark County: Should the State of Wisconsin legalize the use of marijuana for medical purposes and regulate its use in the same manner as other prescription drugs?

PASSED—Dane County: Should marijuana be legalized, taxed and…


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