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Happy birthday to the emperor of hemp, Jack Herer (1939-2010). What follows is the republication of an April, 1990 excerpt from a updated and revised edition of The Emperor Wears No Clothes, written by Jack Herer. This landmark book, originally published in 1985, contains interesting material about the uses of the hemp plant, and the real reasons why hemp was made illegal.

The industrial revolution moved hemp to a place of lesser importance in world commerce due to the lack of mechanized harvesting and breaking technology needed for mass production. But this natural resource was far too valuable to be relegated to the back burner of history forever.

In 1916, a U.S Department of Agriculture bulletin predicted that once a decorticating and harvesting machine was developed, cannabis would again become America’s largest agricultural industry. Some 22 years later, Popular Mechanics introduced a new generation of investors to just such a device, which brings us to this next…


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