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Jay Jackson is Texas raised but California savvy when it comes to his favorite herb of cannabis. As a California cannabis patient, the drag queen’s persona, Laganja Estranja, embodies the plant, with her signature fingers-to-mouth, taking a drag off a joint pose, outing herself at every dip and turn.

Trained classically in dance since a child, Jackson studied at the Booker T. Washington School for the Performing Arts in Dallas, Texas, then earned a bachelor’s degree in dance at CalArts; the Disney owned arts college located in Los Angeles. 

While studying in California, a chiropractor advised Jackson to try cannabis for chronic pain suffered from a dance injury while performing.  Cannabis helped the performer replace painkillers and sleeping pills, with emotions also kept in check by medicating with the plant.

“The herb keeps me calm under pressure and my emotions level,” he shared. “It also deals with the physical pain of a career in dance, and helps…


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