Jelly Belly’s David Klein Finds His Calling in Cannabis


David Klein’s claim to fame is his invention of one of the world’s most beloved candy, the Jelly Belly; but his sweet disposition is his trademark and his sincere desire to help others, his legacy.

No longer connected to the historic bean he created in 1976, this past year he launched his own line of CBD (cannabidiol) infused jelly beans, with flavors to rival the candy that made him famous.

“All the good I’ve done for people comes back in spades,” he shares. “I’m so thrilled to be in this culture that embraces and cares about other people. The cannabis industry is definitely a greater good community, and I’ve been instantly welcomed into the fold.”

Over the years he’s been asked to create a cannabis infused bean, either with or without the THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) that causes the high, or psychoactive response, but he declined due to the legalities.

With CBD only now legal across the country, and the promise of no jail time, the space was opened up for his…


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