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It’s the start of the quarantine when Jessica Golich and I connect by phone. “You can go outside and roll a bowling ball down the street and no one will notice.” And rightfully so. “Now is the time to be mindful, to sacrifice and to stay home.” From the current quietness of downtown Detroit, Jessica shares her story of becoming a photojournalist and her entrepreneurial journey toward building her company Life Beyond The Music.

How did you develop an initial interest in photography?

Jessica Golich: It started organically through journalism. I had no journalism background whatsoever when I answered a Craigslist ad listing for a major publication. The ask was to cover different musicians throughout the state of Michigan. I put a pitch together and we worked out a deal. Then, it turned into interviewing musicians globally. At shows, I was always the journalist in the back taking notes, but I realized it was time to expand my creativity, so I picked up a camera and…


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