Josh Ostrovsky, AKA The Fat Jew, Wants You To Be Talking About Him


It’s 4:20pm EST on 4/20/20 when Josh Ostrovsky aka “The Fat Jew” and I connect by phone. The specific time, of course, is his request. Ostrovsky, known for his popular Instagram handle @thefatjewish, says the current quarantine has him unhinged. “I gave myself a haircut the other day and now look like a middle-aged bald dad. I bought a couple of karate gis. Today, I took a bong hit from a bong filled with milk. I’m definitely unwell.” Ostrovsky goes on to list some of his other recent purchases, most notably a watercolor set and a bunch of new butt plugs, one of which is affixed with a fidget spinner. He’s also trying to cook a 69-layer dip while listening to Peter Tosh. “I’m trying new things, I just don’t know if I’m well or not.” One thing is for sure: Josh is insanely entertaining.

Are you buying all of these items through Instagram ads?

Josh Ostrovsky: I’m definitely getting scrapped because I’m talking about stuff and then Lord Zuckerberg,…


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