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Judd Apatow is protective of the young and the aimless in his stories. Similar to John Hughes, Apatow cares about their feelings; he doesn’t mock them or talk down to them. With Knocked Up, Trainwreck, and now Apatow’s latest comedy, The King Of Staten Island, the writer-director continues to focus on young adults trying to simply get it together. Starring Pete Davidson, The King Of Staten Island is another quarter life crisis comedy from Apatow that evokes pathos and laughs. 

Going back to The 40-Year-Old Virgin, there’s always been a normalized depiction of pot use in Apatow’s comedies. Apatow has produced and directed stoner-friendly content throughout his successful career. Funnily enough, although Apatow makes movies that entertain the cannabis connoisseurs of the world, he doesn’t partake himself. He’s more of a Häagen-Dazs guy himself, as he told us during a conversation about his new film, The King Of Staten Island (now available on VOD). 



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