Kent State—May 4, 1970 • High Times


From the May, 1990 issue of High Times comes Steve Bloom’s remembrance of a dark day in American history, when the government turned its guns on its own future—and fired.

During these passive times, it’s hard to believe that once upon a time in America students closed down campuses, marched en masse for what they believed in, and finally were able to put an end to America’s illegal and despicable war in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos. The anti-war movement took shape in 1967 with a huge march on the Pentagon. In 1968, at the Democratic National Convention, police beat the hell out of demonstrators as “the whole world watched” on national television. America’s counterculture flexed its muscle in 1969 with massive communal events like Woodstock. Sweeping changes in society seemed just around the corner.

But President Richard Nixon had other ideas. Despite nationwide calls to withdraw American troops from Southeast Asia, Nixon forged ahead with his own personal…


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