Kevin Ford Jr. Upholds Cannabis’ Good Name • High Times


“Minorities have always had access to cannabis. I’m more focused on the importance of minorities having access to business and job opportunities within the industry,” says Kevin Ford Jr., the founder, and CEO of Uplift Maryland. According to the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission (MMCC), 58% of Maryland’s cannabis business employees are minorities, but only 35% are owners.

Uplift Maryland, a forward-thinking organization focused on training minorities on how to be successful in the medical cannabis industry in Maryland, received one of five grants from the MMCC to develop cannabis educational and business training programs for minorities and women.

“Both of my parents are doctors, so growing up I always had an interest in the medical side of things,” shared Ford over the phone. His interest in medical marijuana was peaked even more when he realized he could use the plant to treat his classic migraines. “Classic migraines are the most debilitating headaches….


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