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After a year shooting and editing at a frantic pace, Steve Lemme and Kevin Heffernan – the co-creators of truTV’s hit comedy series “Tacoma FD” – are now home, as mandated by the current global health crisis. They’re editing season two of their series remotely, which poses a challenge because both are self-described hands-on guys. Despite the technical inconveniences, their future looks bright. “Super Troopers 3” is in the works, and the second season of “Tacoma FD” premieres Thursday, March 26th. As Kevin says, “It’s time for people to get some laughs.”

Before “Tacoma FD,” before “Super Troopers,” did either of you view comedy as a viable career path?

Kevin Heffernan: I don’t think so. I went to law school. Being a lawyer is a viable career path. There was nobody in my family who was in the entertainment business. I don’t think it became a thought until we made “Super Troopers.” I think it took [the success of the film] for us to…


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