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From the July, 1980 issue of High Times comes Heathcote Williams’ article about taking snapshots of the spirit world, followed by a sidebar on Kirlian hardware by Gary Selden.

Kirlian photography. Electrobioluminescence. Photopsychography. Electrophotography. All these expressions are part of the new lexicon researchers are using to describe the process of recording the aura.

The aura has been represented in prehistoric rock paintings and is clearly defined in the works of Paracelsus, Swedenborg, William Blake, Rudolf Steiner, Annie Besant and many more. Every religious painting that shows a halo is another example of the prescientific consciousness of these emanations.

These instinctual observations were in a sense a security leak from the future. Science has now proved, a little superfluously perhaps for the ardent occultist, but proved for those who required it, that both objects and organisms emit light when seduced by the right force field, even in a darkened…


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