Las Vegas Gets Ready To Become The Next Destination For Cannabis-Lovers


When Nevada first legalized recreational cannabis in 2017, it seemed liked Las Vegas was immediately poised to welcome an influx of weed-loving tourists. A museum opened, a number of cannabis-fueled classes began to crop up, and a series of marijuana-themed tours took root. However, public consumption has hit a legal roadblock, with recent Nevada legislation postponing the licensing of consumption lounges for two whole years. Fortunately, that statute doesn’t apply to the Las Vegas Paiute Tribe, which operates a fully legal cannabis consumption venue, the Vegas Tasting Room, inside the NuWu Cannabis Marketplace. Because it’s on sovereign land, the Vegas Tasting Room is the only place in Las Vegas where folks can safely and legally consume the sacred herb—for now.

When recreational cannabis was first legalized in Nevada, a number of marijuana-themed attractions appeared on the horizon. Today, Las Vegas is home to a two-hour Puff, Pass and Paint class, which invites…


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